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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Why have a stove

Wood for Fuel?

Wood Burning StovesToday we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we make on the environment, more and more people are turning to wood as the ecologically friendly fuel of the future.Wood is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly renewable resource; this makes a wood burning stove an informed and eco-friendly choice.

It’s also the cheapest fuel you can use and provided by local businesses

Multi fuel Stoves

 Multi fuel / wood burning stoves are a very popular means of heating your home, either as a primary or secondary source of heat. You can even buy them with warming ovens which are suitable for cooking casseroles, keeping food warm and boiling the kettle. With gas and electric prices rising, a stove can be an economical or useful addition to your central heating. You can also say goodbye to having a freezing cold house in a mid-winter power cut!

We can fit a wide range of stoves for use in smoke controlled and non-smoke controlled areas, in a range of colours sizes and heat outputs.There are many other options to look at when choosing a stove, whether it has a flat top or canopy, in a fire place, stand alone or inset into a wall. Which one will you choose?

Complete your home with a stove to provide you with warmth and enhance your lifestyle!




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