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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Chimney Cowls

We fit all forms of cowls i.e. bird guards, anti-downdraughts and spinning rota vents.

Chinmey CowlsIn the top picture, the two disused chimneys have been capped off using breathable c-caps, we highly recommended these as unlike many others that allow water to run into the chimney they leave the chimney completely dry helping eliminate damp problems, they also prevent costly heat loss from your home.

The other chimney in this picture has been lined with 316 flexi liner for their vision inset stove, finished with a stainless steel finisher and one of most popular bird guards.

In the lower picture the chimney has been fitted with an anti -downdraught cowl, there are many types of these. They are sometimes needed to help the draw of the fire which can be hindered due to tall obstructions i.e. trees and neighbouring houses etc.

We can replace any broken or unsuitable chimney pots. These come in all shapes, sizes and colours, from a 300mm roll top to as fancy as you like!

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